Safety is Our Priority

At WestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility, keeping our community and our workers safe is the most important thing we do. Safety is the first priority throughout our operation, from the entrance to the facility to the transfer of material for transport.

How We Protect the Community

  • Screened for RadiationWestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility screens every load of waste with an industrial RadComm Radiation Detection System. This ensures that every load that enters the site is free from potential radioactive waste.

  • Screened for Electronic Waste — All electronic and hazardous waste is removed from the waste stream so it is not disposed of at a landfill.

  • Monitored Continuously — Sophisticated safety equipment and trained personnel monitor all aspects of the facility and ensure that only non-hazardous materials are disposed.

  • Direct Access for Seclusion — A new, industrial access road that runs north from Loop 303 ensures that trucks avoid main roads.

  • Separation from Neighborhoods for Safety — The industrial property north of the 303 is positioned far away from neighborhoods and ensures that there is separation from homes, creating a safe environment.