What We Do

Our Commitment

WestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility is committed to operating with environmental practices and policies that are good for our customers, local businesses and residents. Our local team ensures that the management of the facility is safe and responsible.


WestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility is operated in a manner designed to protect public health and the environment. There are many environmental protection systems at the facility.

WestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility team takes multiple steps to protect the environment. All waste is screened before being transferred to a landfill or recycling center. The facility will be able to accept up to 40 tons of recyclable material per day.

The WestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility takes multiple measures to control the potential for off-site odor. All recyclables and waste transferred from smaller hauling vehicles to larger trucks will occur inside the enclosed facility, and all recyclables and waste will be transferred out of the facility each day. Inside the facility, dust and odor will be controlled with an automatic, overhead dust suppression and misting system to control the potential for off-site odor.


Homes and businesses generate recyclables and waste that have to be picked up and hauled. The farther they’re hauled, the more it costs municipalities and taxpayers.

Collection process

Transfer stations aggregate waste collection by multiple collection agencies in a single place. By combining waste into one transfer truck, we have fewer vehicles on the road and reduce emissions. Transfer stations are a quick, temporary stop on the route to recycling or a landfill.

Transfer process
Recycling & Landfill

Once transferred from small hauling vehicles into larger tractor trailers, recyclables and waste are then hauled to recycling centers or landfills for final processing or disposal.

Sustainability process